Annie's Vermont Quilt Barn
Annie Morgan
815 Whitcomb Island Road
Johnson, Vermont  05656
Telephone  802-635-9766
Mobile:  802-760-8855

Payment Information

Annie's Vermont Quilt Barn
815 Whitcomb Island Road
Johnson, Vermont  05656

There are two methods of payment:

-  A mailed check or money order (US dollars) made out to Annie Morgan for the amount shown.  Shipping cost is already included.  Specify item(s), and include delivery  address and contact information.  Send payment to the  Johnson, Vermont address.

-  By credit card using PayPal as the billing agent.
PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments to be made through the internet.

You do NOT need to set up an account to use your credit card.

PayPal NEVER shares your credit card
information with merchants.
1.  Once you have clicked on the "Buy This" button, you will go to a new screen "Your Shopping Cart".

 2.   Click on "Check Out".  

3.  On the next screen, fill out section "Don't have a PayPal account", then "Continue".  

4.  Select Payment Method- Credit or Debit Card.  Fill out credit/debit card information. 

5.  Only PayPal will see this information.  Only items purchased and contact/delivery information is provided to the merchant.

Not all PC's, laptops, tablets, or phones will have the same payment prompts.
Any questions or concerns, call Annie 802-635-9766.
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