Annie's Vermont Quilt Barn
815 Whitcomb Island Road
Johnson, Vermont


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Approx. 6-1/2" x 58"
Fiber content: Acrylic

Assorted Coasters lined with insulated batting.
            4-1/2" square   $2.50 each

Annie's Vermont Quilt Barn
Annie Morgan
815 Whitcomb Island Road
Johnson, Vermont  05656
Telephone 802-635-9766
Mobile:  802-760-8855

For a closer look at an item, left click on the picture.

For a closer look at an item, left click on the picture.

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"Barn Wood Bench"

10"wide x 16"long x
10" high  $25.00
Items below sold only in the Quilt Barn
"Quilt Holders"  various sizes
from 24" to 60"

24"  $21.00     30"  $26.00
36"  $31.50     42"  $37.00
48"  $42.00     60"  52.50
"Tin Roof Bird House"
"Barn Wood Bird House"

"Virginia Tag Bird House"
Bird Houses  $12.50

"Blue Bird House"
Quilted Tote Bags  

These tote bags are designed by me, using 100% cotton for the outside, as well as for the coordinating lining.  There is a large pocket inside measuring  8-1/2" wide by 6" deep.  The tote bag is 16" wide and 16" in length down to the gusseted bottom.  A sturdy batting is used between the outside & lining & then quilted.  The straps are padded & long enough to go over the shoulder, if desired.
"Quilted Tote Bag- Posies"
"Quilted Tote Bag- Blue Rose"
"Quilted Tote Bag- Rio"

"Quilted Tote Bag- 
Jungle Animals"
$35.00 each
House & Property for sale
A          B         C
           D           E
     F         G        H
         J            K
$20.00 each
A- Golden

B. Bark

C . Wild Fire

D. Corinthian

E. Quartz
Hand Knit Scarf
(One of a Kind)
F. Raspberry Stripe

G. Black

H. Strawberry Parfait

J. Candy Apple Red

K. Montana Sky
Placed orders will ship December 1, 2017